About the Author

I’m a Chartered Engineer and  Chartered IT professional with a career spanning thirty years, most of which has been in the blue chip corporate world. Numerous successful SAP business systems implementations for manufacturers have had his management or involvement, before that Oracle systems, further back Cobol systems and further back still with Lego bricks and glass marbles! 🙂

We can only guess where the internet is taking our society and business. Ten years ago Twitter and Facebook were brand new and now they each have billions of users; big brands on TV, BBC reporters all know they have to be there or increasingly they will be seen as being no-where. Big names on the high street have gone bust. Fifteen years ago eBay was brand new and Amazon was fairly young too. In five years time will see massive changes that haven’t even been conceived yet!

A wise friend of his, Tony Emerson, who was a pioneer of electronic engineering and associated with some of the twentieth century’s innovative breakthroughs in audio, used to say “no one told us it was impossible so we found a way to do it!”  Its wise to keep flexible and have an open mind!

David enjoys art and hill walking and holds an advanced class amateur radio license. A few years ago, he found he had developed coeliac disease and so now can’t eat food or drink with gluten in them.